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The End Of An ERA

Times time….everyone.
Due to life’s current restrictions and to a change in everyone’s personal priorities we’ve decided to bring the Heavy Sol Band to an end.
We would like to thank everyone who’s supported us for the last 8 years and let you know we’ve appreciated every opportunity we’ve been given and appreciate everyone we’ve met along the way. 
Some of us will be still out and about in a different acoustic guise to suit the current situation and look forward to something a little different.
Again, we’d like to thank everyone who’s been involved in the past and everyone who has taken time to come to and have a boogy, have a laugh and everyone who’s got extremely messy with us! 
Great memories and here’s to future hangovers!!

Mini Cruise

Next stop Isle of wight

Mod n Ska Cruise

2020 Rallies already being booked..

Morecombe, Skegness, Isle of Man, all or Nothing..

Happy New Year From Heavysol

Some tasty Gigs coming up for 2019 Folks

heres one for your Diary’s

Steve Pilgrim Will Be Playing live @ The Donkey 6th April

and we will be supporting him.

Tickets in adv only £6

see link



Teenage Cancer Trust Please Donate

OK lovely peeps! Here it is!
‘Broken Glass’ from Heavy Sol for Teenage Cancer Trust

Please see ‘just giving’ page link below to donate and then I can send you the mp3 download of the full track!

Please have a read of the whole status and please please please donate and share from as little as £1 to as much as you can afford!…..and please leave email with donation.
Cmon let’s raise some serious money


Broken Glass:

The lads from Heavy Sol are proud to release their new song ‘Broken Glass’ for Teenage Cancer Trust.

We have been involved with March of the Mods (which is a part of Teenage Cancer Trust) for some years now and have supported still support this as much as we can all over the UK with live performances.

So here is our effort to do a little more between us with Heavy Sol and try to raise both awareness and money for an ace charity and cause.

Beautifully written by Ben, arranged by Daz and recorded by us all Ben, Daz, John and Matt we hope you love it and please please donate as much as you can afford too and then receive your download of ‘Broken Glass’.

Please let me tell you that we have been told every penny will go to the people that need it….That’s a promise! xx

Special Thanks:

Eddie Thomas (marquis drive) for the use of Dovecote Studio, mixing and producing this great track. Also for recording a wicked bass line. Can’t thank him enough xx

Chris Eardley (marquis drive) for plucking this original bass line from deep deep down xx

Steve White (style council, paul weller and family silver) for his drum contribution xx

next up for the hs boys

Headlining  Friday Night

4 more sleeps

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